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Desperate Cuckold  by  J.B. Richards

Desperate Cuckold by J.B. Richards
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Jenna and her husband, Jared, have a weekly get together with his best friend, Dave for cards each week. She catches Dave checking her out one week, and finds her husband turned on as she relates the tale to him. Consumed by thoughts of Jareds arousal at the situation, she soon sets up another get together that quickly escalates into a sexy, no-holds-barred session where Jared can only watch!This story is intended for mature audiences only, and features hand play, oral and penetration cuckolding as her husband watches, and is nearly 5000 words in length.Excerpt:Dave dropped into a chair beside Jared, eyes not quote focused.

Jenna smiled at the effect she was having on the man, and wandered into the kitchen, fetching a couple of beers from the fridge, popping the tops with the opener that clung nearby. She placed the first on the table beside her husband, leaning in to give him a kiss on the cheek. Jared gave her a thin smile and a slow, subtle nod. Was that a sign of his approval to keep going? Jenna slid around the table behind Dave and leaned in, reaching past him to place the beer on the table, pressing her breasts against his back, her hard nipples dragging across his back. Dave drew in a sharp breath as Jenna leaned in, lips next to his ear.“Excuse me,” she whispered.

“I figured you wanted this.”Dave blinked as she withdrew. “What?”“A beer,” Jenna said, giving him a wicked and sinful smile. She took a seat beside him, between her husband and their guest, placing her own beer on the table before her. Dave nodded and took a long gulp. “You looked like you could use something refreshing. I know that I certainly need something to wrap my lips around.” Dave spluttered, beer spattering down his chin as he gave a sudden cough, giving Jenna a wide-eyed stare.

She had to bite her lip to keep from dropping into fits of giggling laughter. Oh, this is fun, she thought, carefully taking a slow sip from the bottle before her and not reacting to Dave at all. Dave glanced between Jared and her, but her husband was busy dealing out cards, though Jenna saw a faint smile ghosting across his lips. He was enjoying this almost as much as she was!They played a few hands of cards, tossing quarters and rumpled dollar bills into the center of the table. Jenna lost horribly, spending too much of her effort focused on toying with Dave.

She kept her beer in hand, gently sucking at the top, swirling her tongue around the top in a show of idle boredom. She could feel Dave’s burning gaze as she tried to deep-throat the bottle, taking the long neck into her throat as she stared intently at her cards, though she barely saw what hand she was dealt. It was far too hard to concentrate as she found herself growing more and more turned on with each passing minute. She could feel her nipples straining against her flimsy, stretched shirt. Here she was, trying to drive Dave crazy, and wound up making herself insane instead!

She shifted in her seat as heat raced through her in time with her thumping heart, and she realized it was all she could do to sit there and tease. She wanted to jump up and tear Dave’s clothes off, in front of her husband.

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